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Monetize your apps

Monetizing with AdFalcon is all about utilizing the expertise and resources of the region’s first and largest mobile advertising network all to your benefit, guaranteeing you high fill rates, better eCPMs and the best personal service and support you can find.

Download the suitable version of AdFalcon SDK and refer to the integration guide for detailed instructions.

iOS SDK Integration Guide
iOS SDK Native Ads Integration Guide
Android SDK Integration Guide
Android SDK Native Ads Integration Guide


Mediation Adapters

Bringing you the best of two worlds to maximize your revenue. Read more.

Monetize your sites

AdFalcon offers Javascript solution for smartphone websites. If you are sure that your site will only be viewed over smartphone devices, you can use the JavaScript integration solution. Otherwise we recommend integrating with AdFalcon network using the server side web integration method explained here.

Client-side integration Server-side integration

AdFalcon Publisher Code v2.4.0
Updated 2 Oct 2013

Mobile Web API Developer Guide
Server API Integration Guide