Mobile Operators

Telcos are looking for new revenue streams to compensate for the flattened, at best, profits, with calls to find new opportunities beyond the traditional voice & mobile broadband or data services. The urgency is vital with the continuation of investments in the expansion of networks for current services and the expected 5G licenses & services. A new paradigm shift is sought after.

Adjacent verticals are open to Telco’s including the multi-billion dollar advertising industry. Advertisers, OTT’s and publishers are reaping the revenues however mobile operators have a variable that is in demand. They have accurate real time information on customer profile attributes. Precise information on each customer such as demographics, mobile voice & data use, package type and browsing history. This first party data is in demand by advertisers.

AdFalcon Demand Manager (ADM) is built with customer privacy and security as its fundamental base and as such all customer Personal Identifier Information (PII) is anonymized. Through one single point of contact to AdFalcon Advertising Platform, the mobile operator accesses the mobile ecosystem and thus minimizes information sharing. The end mobile customer has no change in experience. No need for a plugin, toolbar or redirection. Seamless experience to the mobile customer.

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Mobile ad spend in the MENA region is on the increase and brands are looking for new ways to deliver their messages. Brands would like to have a more precise targeting mechanism with a higher success rate. ADM introduces new customer profile attributes that can be used for targeting.

Visualize choosing from attributes such as monthly bill wallet size, specific traveler destinations, precise night or weekend location, sport fan or fashion lover and many more. By providing your clients and brands the right marketing message to the right customer at the right time - it’s a WIN WIN WIN for all.

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AdFalcon Demand Manager (ADM) is a proprietary platform developed and built by ArabyAds. With over 7 years of mobile advertising experience, we are now reaching 95% of mobile internet consumers in the MENA region. we have over the past two years invested in R&D. We listened and worked with our customers - both advertisers & publishers.

Advertisers and their brands wanted a more accurate targeting option and publishers wanted to increase their revenues. Over and above, all research showed mobile customers desried more relevant ads to interact with and increase possibility of relevant clicks or actions. With that premise, ADM was born as the future of ArabyAds and its AdFalcon Advertising Platform.

By partnering with Mobile Operators and other first party data providers, ADM is in a position to unveil new revenue streams and connect to the lucrative Mobile Advertising Ecosystem.